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The 10 Virgins - Chapter 1 of 12


Always this word “virgin” has symbolized the purity, the no-mixture. That no different nature has entered into her, but it remains as it was created. That it was not invaded by something foreign to her.

In this parable, the virgins represent all of us who by the faith in Jesus Christ have received a new nature, which is pure, from God. It represents the ones who have obtained redemption through the Blood of Jesus Christ, and have been made children of God. New creatures; by His mercy.

We before belonged to another one, but by His grace we have died in Him, to resurrect as virgins. Yes, to become His Wife in that day of the marriage.

The virgins –all ten of them! – are a figure of the redeemed ones. They are a figure of the Church of the Lord. While midnight speaks that the day is finishing. Hour 24 is nearing. It is at midnight that one date finishes and a new one begins. It is a picture of this time, which is coming to an end, and the new time, which will begin, in which the Lord will be again with us. It is a figure of the time before the second coming of the Lord.

The ten virgins at midnight is a figure of the Church of Jesus, in this our XXth century.

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