The Fly on the Window

Is reaching the spiritual realm equal to reaching God? Hmm... Is it sure that experiences lived so vividly allow us to reach the Supreme Spirit? The following story may contain an answer.

Some drops were still dripping from the roof, but the day was getting better. The rainy season was at its peak and it had rained heavily that morning. Rising from his austere bed, the man wrapped himself in his robe. He saw the sun opening its way through the dark clouds and he thought how powerful it was,enjoying its appearing. Extending his hand to the table, he lifted the dish on which he had lunched before taking his nap. He wanted to go to the brook to wash before the disciples started to come for the afternoon meditation.

He followed the path down with certain satisfaction. He had dedicated his life to simpleness and to meditate and search for the deeper sense of things; he thought it had been good to leave aside the vanities of life to go after the higher teachings of man. Following the teachings of others he had become what he was today: in the eyes of many, a spiritual man. He had set out to look for his unity with the Divinity and he believed he was going well. The constant exercises allowed him to enter into new levels of consciousness and to what he thought was cosmic energy. He felt good. It was demanding, but his walk towards the Divinity had been a good decision. Now they listened to him attentively, almost with reverence, and they said that a sweet peace came out from him each time he would touch them. Many liked to hear the reasonings of his meditations. They came to his home to beg him: Holy man, teach us! Teach us how to live life. Speak to us about the things of the soul and help us to become united with the Supreme Being.

Back from the brook, he closed the door. Some of his disciples were already there, sitting in silence on the carpet. Greeting his guests with a bow, he quietly set his dish on the shelf and took his place at the front of the group. While they waited in silence for the others to arrive, he thought of how his exercises had allowed him to touch those spiritual spheres unsuspected by the common man. And of the many years of sacrifices that are necessary to get just a bit closer to the higher stratums of the conscience. He was entirely convinced that only a hard and permanent physical and intellectual effort allowed one to bme better each day, and only by this method was how becoming one with the Creating Spirit eventuated. He felt privileged that he had been able to obtain more than any other simple human could. His mind wandered between these thoughts when finally all the disciples arrived and they set out to initiate the exercises. A complete silence reigned in the place.

Then he heard the little knocks; he knew them. It came from the flies that buzzed around and thumped against the only window of the place. The wind had blown the clouds away and the sun shone strongly. Two flies inside the room, freed from the humid rain air and drawn by the clarity, where circling around the window. Attracted by the light, they just thumped and thumped against the window, producing those little noises. Interrupting the exercise, and without any particular emotion, he glanced at the struggling flies against the glass. As if talking to them he thought: Can’t you go and fly around some other place?

He was surprised that the repeated knocking of the insects had bothered him; it wasn’t the first time they had acted like this, but he had never given it any thought. He closed his eyes again and accommodated his hands on his knees returning to the exercise. But with the constant buzzing of the two flies, his mind refused to obey.

Looks like it is not going to be a good day, he sighed. The best to do will be to open the door and scare those bothering flies away. Abandoning his meditation position, he accommodated his robe on his shoulders and stood up, moving softly so as not to disturb the others. He opened the window a little bit, and while following the fluttering of the flies that thumped intermittently against the glass he began to wave his hand trying to push them out. But the flies dodged his efforts, refusing to go towards the opening. They escaped his hand to swoop again against the light that attracted them, promising them freedom. The mystic considered that if he insisted in trying to push the flies out with his hand he would end up crushing them against the window, so he decided to leave them in their stubbornness. He would leave them to go whenever they managed to find the gap. Moving away from the window he was returning to his place when one of his disciples spoke.

Master, why are those flies hitting themselves?

The time that was to be dedicated to exercises wasn’t normally used for lectures, so he almost didn’t answer, but, considering that it would be just an isolated observation, he gave in.

Because they are being attracted by the light and the warmth they feel and they want to be nearer to it.

They want to go out?

No. To want to go outside, they would need to have the knowledge that they are inside, but flies don’t know they are inside. They simply fly around. Even if they are inside, they don’t know that. The light draws them and they go to it, but they do not even understand that the window impedes them to get through and they thump against it time after time.

The master thought that this wasn’t exactly a spiritual conversation and hoped this disciple of his wouldn’t continue asking any more rubbish. Was he there to answer questions about the reasons the flies continued to hit themselves against the window, or to teach the group how to join with the eternal? He was pleased when his last answer was followed by silence. Only the flies continued thumping themselves, making their little noises. Then the disciple that had spoken stood up and twirled his robe softly for the insects to leave through the opening, but he was dodged too, so both men ceased in their attempt. Let the flies do whatever they wanted. The window was open. If they wanted to leave, then out they were, and if they wanted to continue hitting their heads against the transparent glass, let them continue hitting themselves. Returning to the carpet, both took up their meditating positions again. But, although he strived to, the tiny thumps wouldn’t let the mystic go beyond the most elemental level of the conscience. These obstinate flies were starting to irritate him.


It was again the same disciple who had been reflecting on this.

The flies hit themselves because they are looking for the light?

Again? thought the master, understanding why some people loose their patience. Here was a good reason for responding coarsely. But he breathed deeply and only said:


Like us, they want to reach what attracts them?


But, master, is the warmth and is the heat they feel real?

Of course, brother… yes.

He sighed again. No, it’s not a good day.Nevertheless the questions ceased. Wrapping himself in his robe he began meditating once again, determined to ignore any further distractions.

Hours later he came back to his senses. Those times were of great value to him. His soul delighted in those moments of retrospection. He was convinced that he was getting nearer to the heavenly Divinity, to the Supreme Creator of all things. His goal was to become one with that Supreme Being and he was determined to achieve it through every sacrifice and effort.

Slowly his body returned to normal – functioning the way it should - when suddenly he remembered the flies. Curious to know the ending of the situation that had caused his upset earlier, he looked at the window. The disciple who had been questioning him about the flies was standing there, watching the window. Perceiving the movement of his master, he turned to him saying:

One found its way out and isn’t here any more, but the other one is dead.

The mystic stood up. He saw it. It didn’t move any more. Fallen on the frame, it was lifeless. It hadn’t found the opening. It hadn’t accepted the offered way. It had felt the warmth and seen the light, but escaped from the hand that had pushed it towards real freedom. The mercy of the men had been in vain. The fly, convinced that it was in the proper place, didn’t want to go to where the saving hand pushed it and had died believing it was in the best place because its feet and its eyes were feeling something so glorious. Maybe it thought it was walking on the sun itself, without ever perceiving that it had not even left the room. It had loved the light it had enjoyed, but it didn’t manage to join it.

Master, do you think the flies are convinced that they are within the great space, within the great amplitude of the universe?

The Sufi considered the meditation of his disciple. He was happy that he hadn’t been impatient with him before.

I don’t know. I don’t believe flies think; but when they walk on the glass plate they surely recognize something that attracts them very intensely. Then they want to go further towards it, and that is why we see them banging over and over against the window. They are trying to get nearer to what attracts them so much.

Master, those flies are like one of us. We can compare ourselves with them, because despite the hardness of their thumps they insist in what draws them just like we do, and they fall in love with the intensity of the warmth and the light they get to know. It is similar to the discipline we apply in our exercises and through which we search for the encounter with the Highest Good.

- Yes, my brother, it looks like we certainly live similar experiences.

Both stood thoughtfully there for some moments, looking at the dead fly. They understood that patience was something they would need in their quest to be joined to the Great Divine Being, and that they needed to be persistent. They exchanged a few more words, and arranged to get some supplies from a nearby town the next morning. They said goodbye to each other and parted company. The master was happy that – even if it was short – the reflection had been interesting. With their little thumps, the tiny and bothersome flies had taught them that day, that all of creation has within it that calling to come out of the darkness in search of the light. That afternoon’s exercise had been intense and his body was demanding rest.

The disciple covered himself with the blanket snuggling up in his bed, and he fell gently asleep. But it wasn’t his night. He suddenly found himself wide-awake, completely sleepless. He opened his eyes thinking that the cry of the cock that had woken him, but no, the moon shone still inside his room; dawn was still several hours ahead. It was still night. He was astonished that he was so awake. When he had curled up to sleep earlier he had been so tired, and even now his body was still not willing to move. What could have awoken him? He remained lying there looking at how the moonlight slowly changed its position within the room till, considering that his sleeplessness was gone, he tried to sleep.

But no. Although he kept his eyes shut and didn’t move, he couldn’t fall asleep. He was completely awake. And then he realized that each time he tried to fall asleep, his mind returned to the incident of the flies. So he stopped worrying about falling asleep and he just stayed there thinking on what he had seen.

What an effort the flies had made to reach the light! What an example! The last words he had spoken with the master returned to his memory. Really, what an effort to be joined with the clarity that attracted them! And what a pity that one of them had died exhausted, just because it didn’t use the exit it was offered.

Suddenly, without him knowing how nor why, a thought hit his conscience. It settled in his mind and began repeating itself. He gave no importance to it at first and tried to avoid it by thinking on other things, but the thought remained nailed in his brain. He started to feel very anxious and his heart began to pound strongly. He didn’t understand the reason for this uneasiness, but he even started to pant for breath, and he had to sit on the bed to be able to breathe well. He didn’t have a clue of what was happening to him nor why that phrase repeated itself in his head over and over:

Who will open the window for you?

Who will open the window for you?

In your desire to reach the Eternal, who will open the window for you?

He tried to shake away that thought from his mind but it refused to leave. A fear started to corner him, and it all cropped up from that one question; one question that seemed to refuse to become unstuck from his brain. He was, by then, completely out of balance. He thought of going to see the Sufi, but the moonshine deterred him. It was not yet the proper time to bother. Besides, in a few hours they would go to the town together; he would bring the matter up then. So for the moment he just chose to calm down.

The anxiety seemed to be lighter when he walked around his humble room. He awaited the dawn, hoping that the daylight would divert his mind onto a different train of thought. When the day began, it got better. By the time he was to meet the master, he was eagerly ready. He left in a hurry, needing to talk.

Master, I am so glad that we decided to go together to the town today. Please, hear what happened to me as we walk together. I am immersed in a terrible anxiety that has me very upset. Last night I woke up while it was still very dark, and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I started remembering the situation we had seen yesterday with the flies against the window…

Oh no,... sighed the Sufi, again?… But he didn’t say a word.

When the disciple finished explaining what had happened, he concluded saying:

Master, we search for holiness so that through it we may become one with the Divine. I believe we are searching for what every man should be searching for. That by the absence of evil we may be amalgamated with the Eternal Good that governs all things. And we have experiences that have repercussions from our spirits into our souls and even to our bodies; experiences I have compared with the ones lived by the flies.

Have you noticed that flies usually flutter in the darkness in the middle of rooms? I compared that with the men that spend their lives in darkness, away from the spiritual brightness, always only flying around the crumbs on the tables.

But Master, you, and others like me, we are like the flies that are suddenly fascinated by the light the spirit perceives. We run away from the constant fluttering that occurs around the crumbs of worldly things. In this ascetic life we hit our bodies in order to reach the brightness that attracted us.

Now let me tell you what disturbed me.

A fly is a thousand, maybe a million times bigger than microbes or than existing cells. At the same time, men are a thousand or a million times greater than a fly. What I mean by this is that there always seems to be some living being that is bigger, even far greater than the former. And it looks like each one of the living beings within their scale have a knowledge of the universe, which they think is everything, but which obviously is not. So, the fly that died didn’t believe us when we wanted to push it out towards a bigger universe. It did not know. It remained in what it knew. Our movements maybe made it realize that a greater being was around, but it didn’t understand that that greater being wanted to help it, by giving it what it really desired. A hand that was enormously superior than the flies had opened the window, but only one accepted it. The other one stayed there.

The disciple needed to stop for several moments because in his state of distress his thoughts gabbled. He had to express himself clearly, because his soul needed a very accurate answer. His mystical searching and his asceticism had the purpose of someday having his life united to the Creator of the universe. He so much longed his life to reach that union with the Divinity that he had turned it towards that goal, casting aside all worldly and frivolous things. But today he really needed a satisfactory answer.

Master, if the heat the flies feel on the glass of the window and if the attraction to the light is a reality that may be compared to the ones we tangibly sense in our spirits… that is… if what we perceive in our beings is comparable to the experience of those flies at the window, where they don’t know that they are inside, they don’t know that they are shut in, nor do they know that the glass is keeping them from the light that they long for. How do we know that we are not just like them, shut up in a great room?

We live in our universe and with our spirits we head towards the divine light convinced that because we truly feel in our beings the light and its warmth and its peace, we are heading towards unity with the Supreme Being. Yet we never stop to think that what we are considering is part of our universe, and that maybe it is necessary to enter into a greater universe to attain that so desired unity with the Deity. We think that there is no glass between what we are looking for and us.

But master, how can we know that a glass – superior to our strength - is not stopping us? How can we be sure that the experiences we live so vividly will make us reach the unity with the Supreme Spirit, to real freedom?

How do we know that we don’t need the hand of someone greatly more powerful than us to open the window, so that we then may, freed from the habitation that is holding us, truly flow towards our unity with the Almighty?

All the disciples were very grateful that this was an honest teacher. He wasn’t one that would just be seeking for followers, but a true searcher of the truth. They had never heard him defending a position to save his image of a wise man. The modesty he preached dwelt in him. And he also searched for holiness and goodness with all his heart, to through them become a part of the great Divinity of the universe.

Normally he found answers to his disciples’ questions, but after hearing this, he stopped his walking. Did this brother doubt what they were doing?

No, Master, not at all. But as I told you, since last night I had a phrase in my head that wouldn’t stop repeating itself: “Who will open the window for you? Who will open the window for you?” And even right now, while I am speaking to you, I cannot get it out of my mind. And I started to think that nobody had ever told me that in front of me there is a closed window that will not let me reach what I think I am already touching.

Master, I see myself in the position of those insects. I consider myself happy because I have been able to place my soul under the rays of what other human beings of this world do not even know. I think myself blessed that I have preferred the light to darkness and shadows. But how can I know that I am not still in the same room others are? Certainly the spiritual sun has reached me, not only once but several times, through different exercises you have taught me. But, have I reached the sun? Maybe I am not going over a certain limit. Maybe I have never left the room in which I am shut. Maybe I continue to be locked in even though I see the light. Maybe I will die in the same room I was born in, just like those that walk in the shadows! I have come to know the warmth and the light of the sun, but since last night I don’t dare say that I am getting nearer to the Divine Being. I have come to see the reflections of the truth. Master, what if the spiritual sun we see is in a different universe, and we need for another being infinitely greater than us to open the window for us? Master, if that higher being exists and has already opened the window for us, and we are not finding it, or we are ignoring the hand that is pushing us against it, Master, this means that all this we are doing doesn’t make any sense! We will wear ourselves out trying to find the exit and we will fall dead without finding it!

Master, are we sure that with our efforts alone we will reach our goal?

Allow me to go further… I need to empty my soul of this that is flooding me. Help me, because I have a phrase in my mind that isn’t letting me go. It says:

Who will open the window for you?

Isn’t man shut in a room? If glass is an invisible wall for the eye of the fly, couldn’t there be something like that glass that is invisible to our eye? If so, wouldn’t this cause us the same trauma? Wouldn’t it let us be convinced that we have arrived, but not allow us to get through?

Master, we saw that the flies didn’t want to get away from the window. They desired the brightness that shone before their eyes, and yet the glass wasn’t moved by the sincerity of the flies. Although the fly truly longed for the light… the glass didn’t let her through!

Master, tell me! Tell me if there is or is not a window in front of us. I need to know!

The Sufi was thoughtful. Walking silently at a slow pace, the mystic searched into his wisdom. The ones that initiated him into this life of solitude and holiness had instilled in him that whoever desired to be joined to the Divinity had to make his utmost efforts. They told him that only by living the life of the mystics with their meditations and physical sacrifices could a person disappear to himself and access the level of the Divinity to melt into it. And he had taken this as a truth for him. But none of his teachers had ever spoken about any kind of barriers. No, according to what he had learnt from others, and from his own experiences – up until the present day - he had not found any barriers. Instead, his experiences grew in aspects he understood, which meant that his spiritual life was growing. And yet, he couldn’t give his disciple a sure answer. He looked at him and saw that his friend, almost unable to withstand the silence, trembled with anxiety awaiting for the answer. He shook his head but said nothing.

This time it seemed to the master that he could not teach about this. All his experiences screamed inside of his soul telling him that there were no limitations, that he should pay no attention to the novice, the scared disciple. But his own reasoning declared contentiously that he never had been confronted with the possibility of being shut in. In some kind of spiritual habitation a million times larger and more powerful than his own experiences, where he would be able to reach great heights and supreme spiritual freedoms, but which would not let him get to his maximum desire: to one day become one with the Great Eternal.

The disciple, worried about the long silence after his questions and afraid of having offended his mentor, spoke again:

Master, have I bothered you by expressing my meditations…?

No brother, you have not bothered me, the man answered without looking up.

His feet copied the path that took them to the village, but his mind searched and searched. He thought that if he said that nothing interfered between them and the Highest, his disciple would calm down. But really, he didn’t know. Deep within him he was convinced that the way to the Highest was open, if just the proper exercises were performed; but the incident with the flies had become a thorn in his side. He considered, not only for his disciple’s sake but now for his, too, that to be able to continue in his spiritual path he would have to take the thorn out. Yet, how? He looked up at his companion, and again he shook his head. No words would come, so he bowed his head back to the path. To disguise the uncomfort he felt in this situation, it helped that the way was quite strenuous and rough since the cabins were deliberately positioned far away from the movement of the village. Finally they arrived. As they used to, they went to get what they needed, accepting on the way what offerings some would give them because they were holy men. Then they prepared to return. People were gathered in a group a few streets before them, where they were about to pass, and as they neared the place, they heard the voice of one speaking to the group: There is only one way of being free! he said. The mystics looked at each other and in agreement, without words, they stopped to hear.

”There is nothing man can do by himself to reach the Supreme Being”, said the one that spoke. “None of our actions can help us to reach God. We need someone more powerful than men to open the windows of heaven. We men cannot open the windows of heaven. But the good news I bring to you today is that the Great and Powerful One who can open the way already exists, and He has the power to guide us to the Almighty. It is of the Almighty’s own son of whom I am speaking to you. And let me give you more good news: this Son of the God of Heaven has ALREADY opened the way for us! He made a way for us to be able to reach the Father! The God of all Gods, our Creator, wants to have us at his side, and that is why he sent His Son to open the way between us who live in this world and his high dwelling in heaven, so that whoever wants to have a close relationship with the Lord may have it. So that whoever wants to, may be united to the Creator”.

Trapped by the coincidence of the words of the preacher with what they had been debating, they remained there hearing the whole message. They heard the story of the death of Jesus on the cross and how He opened a way and how God had resurrected Him, and how all who believed in the work of the Son of God were free from the barrier of sin and had free access to God.

When the message was over, the Sufi bowed down to lift what he had set on the ground while hearing, and was about to continue on his way, when the disciple stopped him.

Master, let us stay a bit more to speak with this man. Maybe he has the answer to the question I can’t get rid of my mind.

But the mystic didn’t accept it. He didn’t even understand why he had stayed there to hear this preacher, whom he recognized. It was the Christian missionary that came from time to time through the village with this message. The message of the resurrection appealed to him; without a doubt it was original, but he couldn’t accept it. How easy did the missionary make it sound? That man has access to God by only accepting what Jesus did! How easy did the missionary present the eliminating of the impurities of man! With the blood shed by only One, all are clean and can reach the Divinity! No.… They didn’t coincide in the form, answered the Sufi, and excusing himself, he begged the disciple to stay alone allowing him to return. They would meet later again, in the afternoon. Not without a sense of guilt, the disciple saw his master move away, but he couldn’t move. Something inside of him made him stay there. He looked at the missionary; the man was just heading towards him. He was tense, confused that he wanted to hear more from one whom eventually could weaken his beliefs. When the missionary got to where he was, he greeted him gently, initiating a conversation…

The rain definitely did want to fall that day. The storm threatened and threatened, but it didn’t rain. That afternoon the disciple didn’t go to the exercises. He needed to meditate a lot, and to rest after the stress of that day. Although he was surprised how the conversation with the missionary had calmed him so much. There certainly was a wall between man and God; there certainly is the need for a hand a thousand and a million times greater and more powerful than man to open the way to the Eternal for him. There is a barrier for the fly, designed by a mind greater than it, which the fly neither sees nor understands; and there is a barrier that the eye of man cannot see.

A strange peace wrapped around him when he began accepting within his heart that the Son of God was powerful enough to open those heavenly doors and windows that are so impossible for simple mortals to open.

The question that had upset him seemed to have found its answer:

In your desire to reach the Eternal, who will open the window for you?

Jesus, the Son of the God in heaven.

He found it interesting that they had not discussed this with the preacher, considering their different points of view. No, he smiled, with him they had been able to talk without discussing. In fact, the opinions sustained him about the reality of life, the search for goodness, the desire for peace and the need to come near to the Divinity. These things were spoken of along very similar lines, although they certainly differed in the ways one obtained them. He thought it was funny how the Christian insisted on him meditating correctly (to him, who had spent his life meditating!) and to be convinced that there was no other way to get to the Divinity but through Jesus, God’s own Son. When the Christian frankly admitted that it is necessary to do certain works to be able to reach the Supreme Being, his spirit lessened its defenses a bit, but at first he didn’t understand the missionary’s insistence that no man was able to do those works. He said it didn’t matter how dedicated men’s efforts could be, none of their actions would give them access. He said that to be able to unite with the Divinity, the work of only one man was valid: Jesus Christ. That only the work of Jesus Christ was valid to access and be joined to the Almighty. That any work besides that one act, was not accepted by God. And that the only valid effort for any man wanting to be united with his Creator consisted almost totally in accepting what Jesus Christ had done.

He remembered how, in refuting the argument that the only entrance to God was through Christ, he had said that the Supreme Being is immensely good. He is a Universal Being that understands the different ways of thinking of each culture on this earth and that because of that He has allowed men to reach Him in different forms and through different means. He said that man has a natural desire to reach Him. The Great Eternal Being ? he recalled saying ? created us so that if we fight against the evil in us we will advance towards Him till the day of our final fusion with the goodness. Then, in an indication that his spirit was friendly toward the missionary, he added: ?The intention of all is good. And we are all sincere in what we do. The goals of the religious men, western or oriental, are almost the same; we try to reach the Eternal, but in different ways. The mystical and spiritual experiences of many are undeniable, so all have the right to say: “This is the truth”.

He was totally convinced of what he said and he didn’t doubt that the Christian would agree to that too. But the preacher looked at him thoughtfully. And he asked him if the mystic would have some more time to hear a short story. The disciple’s master had left a long while ago, so, well, he answered “yes.” Strangely the conversation wasn’t bothering him as much as he thought it would.

We men need to understand why it is that the possibility of uniting with God is only through Jesus Christ, began the Christian.

As you have well said, we have been created with something inside of us that calls us towards the light. In our nature there truly exists something that makes us prefer good and want wisdom and love. If we put into action certain attitudes while leaving others aside, we will take distance from the mundane and we will come nearer to the values of the spiritual world. If we insist upon that, we will really reach new heights in knowledge, we will separate our being from materialism and we will get nearer to spiritual aspects. Those who deny themselves to the carnal or materialistic life, embracing the exercises that favor the spiritual life, will surely reach a development of that area.

The disciple was hearing attentively, glad that they agreed.

Mankind has been created with a longing for light. All (as you have well said) tend to, in diverse ways, walk towards the Highest. Even through the most diverse cults we intend to get nearer to Him. Some more, some less. Truth is we all have in our consciences the call to be united with God. We are born with that inside of us. And we also notice that in denying ourselves to the materialistic life, our conscience reaches places that are unknown for the soul of common man. If we put special effort into some attitudes and not others, we will drift away from covetousness and we will get nearer to higher values. We have been created capable in reaching great accomplishments with our bodies, and win Olympic medals in sports; or of unfolding mysteries with our minds, as great thinkers and intellectuals have done, and without doubt we are also capable of reaching high levels of experiences with our spirits if we exercise in that, as you have experienced, said the Christian to the mystic, or even greater, like what your teachers have lived. These three possibilities are at hand of the human being. Each man chooses one to commit himself to, with either greater or lesser intensity.

But why do we suppose that the exercise of denying the appetites of the body to favour the development of the soul and the spirit will give us an entrance to the dwelling place of the Creator? Man lives within the universe of the possibilities of his being, but is God in that same universe?

Those words reminded the disciple of the incident of the flies from the day before. He could almost see them again, flying around and around till at a certain moment, leaving the dimness of the master’s room they reached the window, where they started to thump, wanting to go further into that strong light that attracted them. He considered that the ones that ?flying away from the main group? were by the window maybe felt better than the ones that only flew around the food remains on the table, as they were trying to only satisfy their basic senses. But he remembered that when the final hour came, the one that didn’t escape lay dead on the window frame. Between the one by the window and the ones inside, at that hour there was no difference. The illuminated one and the ones of the darker dwellings, they all remained shut in the same room. Only one escaped through the gap.

And he thought, What a waste to live endeavouring for the light if the way out is not being accepted.

The voice of the Christian brought him back to the conversation.

What I wish to be able to explain to you is that it is possible to be spiritually in an environment that seems to be the very atmosphere of the Eternal because the place is very bright due to the strong light, nevertheless, if we do not accept what Jesus already opened, after our death we will be returned to the deepest darkness. Would all of our effort have any value then? Endeavoring all life long to reach God and to die without being able to… ¡Blessed be our God that has prepared a way for that not to happen!

The mystic smiled internally over that expression of the Christian. He was undoubtedly moved by what he thought his God had done. At the same time the disciple recognized within himself a tiny envy: this man seemed to speak of a God he knew! The thought startled him. That was exactly what he was looking for! The reason for all his efforts was to get to know the One.

–To understand better our need for Jesus Christ, continued the man, we must go to the beginning of all things, to the moment everything was created.

The world and the plants and the animals, and all things that exist on it were created by God, who, after having done all, crowned it adding man and woman to it. In those times the Almighty walked and moved in the same environment of the things He had created. All had come out of Him and all was good. All acted and moved in agreement to Him; because all had come forth from His Person Also man walked accordingly to the nature of the Almighty; because there was nothing in him that would not have come from God. The human being lived from the essence of the God that had created him and he moved freely before the presence of his Creator. It was a time during which the Presence of the Lord filled everything, and in which His Being bathed all things created. He was in all things. He had created all things out of Himself and He flowed through all things. Man lived under the light of God and because he had been created in the image of God he was able to get near his Creator at any moment.

That is what I am looking for, thought the mystic.

After creating man and woman He gave them the earth he had made, as in heritage, and He said to them: “?All the land is before you; make on it whatever is needed to be done!”

God began humanity on this earth, putting before them the beautiful purpose of fructifying and filling it. But He also added: “?Just one thing I ask you not to do!”

It was only one thing He asked them not to do; that very thing they didn’t have to do, but one day our first father did it. And a marvelous age ended.

Till then the will of man had been to do only what his Creator told him. All the genes in Adam lived in consonance to the laws of the Giver of life. Till that day. But when man allowed himself a dissonance with the flow of God, the nature he had received from God was invaded by another nature. From the moment of the disobedience a second nature entered his being; a nature that operated in a different direction than the Creator’s. The nature created by God had been modified.

God had warned man; He told him that if what was not to be done was done, the state of his nature would change. Yet, even though he had been notified, our first ancestor acted contrary to the imparted order. And the word of God was fulfilled. The original work saw itself contaminated. In that nature that only had the essence of the Eternal, soon something new was found. Something the Creator had not incorporated. And man became something different; strange to the universe that surrounded him, which flowed with God. The creature that had been walking in complete agreement and fellowship with God, one day took a way different to the will of the Creator, and got excluded from the universe of God. Since then, God and man have lived in different universes. The fellowship between Creator and creature broke. Having transgressed God’s way of life, man condemned himself to live in a different place, because he could no longer live in the dwelling place of the Holiest God.

What entered into us men was evil. And from that day on, all and each one of us try different arts to get rid of this, but we cannot. That is our search for light. But evil, contrary to the goodness of God, is set in man to never ever leaving again.

My friend, the Christian ended, the universes of God and man will never again be united, even if man labors towards it.

That is why Jesus Christ is so necessary. Because under the situation I have just described, He made something. He didn’t unite the two universes, because that is impossible, but he made a way for all those men and women that wish to see their own relationship with God restored. And this is the way: To believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that by what He did we are saved from our irreparable generation.

I tell you again: There is nothing we can do to take away from us that evil that one day contaminated God’s nature in us. We can avoid it to contaminate further, but what already is in us we cannot take out. We have no possibility of unifying our contaminated nature with the pure nature of the Eternal. But if we accept that the work of Jesus gives us a way, then, because of the simple fact of believing the Father’s word, our contaminated nature is separated, and God gives us a new pure nature. God sent His Son, One in His own nature, to share with us –who accept that way- His pure nature.

Friend, I beg you again: meditate well, meditate properly, because apart from the work of Jesus there are no deeds that could restore back into you that pure nature that allows to reach the Kingdom of Light. Jesus is like one who, hearing the thumps on the glass of His Kingdom and seeing the longing many have of fleeing from evil, has opened the window. It is true that all can reach God, but it is only through the window that Jesus opened for all of us on the cross. To unite with the Divinity it is necessary to have the nature of the Divinity, and this can only be obtained if Jesus Christ gives His nature to us. Only Jesus, the Son of God, the only one who came from God, can give us that nature."