A Word to the Wife

Received by Clo diPilato, in Nov 12th, 2002.

Word of the Lord.

My true Wife on earth will not be defined by the visitations it experiments.

It will not be defined by its perception or by its understanding of all the mysteries and revelations. It will not be identified per denomination or per church. It will not be identified by its understanding of a word or truth. It will not be identified by the waves and the times and spiritual seasons that have contributed to its spiritual development and its character.

All the things that give My people that feeling of belonging and identity and which in themselves have a spiritual value which is to be greatly appreciated will call attention to the daughters of Jerusalem, but the sceptre of My approval will extend to the one who is the receiver of a fulfilled war and a heavenly rest in the sanctified atmosphere of My Presence, because only she is the vase totally prepared and adorned for Me.

My true Wife and the object of MY affections on earth will be identified by its entering with no hindrance and without efforts into MY Presence, with no fear of My consuming fire. The spirit of judgment and the burning in My furnaces of affliction have already purged all the dirt on the garments which the flesh had stained.

The sanctifying power of My Word has made my Wife to be washed in pure water, and her garments are being whitened as white as is the garment of the Son and as no washer can whiten; and the power of My works, which are rapidly happening on earth will transform into the stabilities of My relationship with My Wife in her place of remaining in Me in holiness.

Because I will suddenly come to My temple, but then I will make a permanent Holy dwelling with My Wife, and for her I will not be like the God who only visits, but I will be the God who dwells as a faithful and mindful Husband who will always take care of covering her and of supplying each one of her needs.

The day I will suddenly visit men by My Spirit as with a mighty wind to fill them, even to overflow them, my Wife will go further from the initial filling of My power and glory, to walk in the continuous manifestation of the winds of My Spirit that will guide her and take her as I wish. Because even as My Spirit remains over the Son, so will it remain over the Wife, because I and My Wife will truly be ONE in all things, as the Father and the Son are ONE.

The day I will suddenly shine with great Light around the ones who are in darkness to bring them understanding and revelation, My Wife will be on earth as Ambassador of the Conscience of the Spirit itself. She will be as the lamp of the Lord with the wick of her experience and the testimony kindled by the fires of God, illuminating the way for others. The evidence and the residence of My light in her, emanating from inside of her, will be a faithful light in the dark places of the earth, to give men who walk groping in the darkness a clear direction in the difficult times.

The day I will suddenly send earthquakes and shakings to open the gates of the prisons for My people and others to be freed, My Wife will be for all the earth an example of one who stands firm in freedom, refusing to be entangled again under the yokes of ties.

My Wife will know how to BOLDLY come before the throne of Grace not only in time of need, but its freedom will be the mark and testimony of its dependence on my sure mercies expressed before My throne, of which the rainbow continuously testifies of My Covenant of grace and mercy to those Mine. My Wife will be the fullest expression of humbleness upon this earth, because she will be continuously abandoned to depend on Me, and only on Me.

I will have a Wife that doesn’t fall in love with words and visitations and moves and revelations and associations. Many will be speechless in the day of the revelation of My Wife on the day I introduce her by My Holy Arm, that she is not the most outstanding in beauty and wisdom and revelation, as to what My Church has perceived as admirable and worthy of recognition. My Church still tends to look at things in the way men do, looking at the outer appearance and the vain show-offs of human accomplishments, instead of beholding the hidden man of the heart.

My Wife will be the one who has dwelt in meekness and in secret before Me, where a great work has been made inside of her soul. Not in the place of the superficial and of the desires of costly costumes and dresses and fine jewellery of the merchants of Babylon, but truly in the secret place of My Presence, where I have been able to do the deeper works of preparation, and where she determined to be prepared. She doesn’t care of being the focus and centre of the attention of the great multitude that will come together for the wedding ceremony, but her delight and her wish is to be the one that will go further, to the place of the intimate fellowship and expression with the One her soul has loved and who is the relative that redeemed her, the Lord Jesus Christ.

My Wife is hidden and is yet to be seen, because I have hidden her during the days of her preparation and purification; but the day I expose her, she will be recognized by what she is, because the double portion of My Spirit will rest upon her; and the first portion that will be assigned to her will be the portion by which she performs My deeds and My miracles and My healings and My deliverances, giving freely to My people as one to whom it has been trusted to give out the goods because he is the steward and administrator of My house, of My Kingdom, of the highest confidence. But the second portion I will assign to her will not be what she PERFORMS in My Name and for My Kingdom, but it will verily be what she IS in MY Name and in MY Kingdom, because she IS my Wife, the Wife of the Lamb!

The fusion of My holy and awesome and miraculous works with the full expression of My character and My Nature will be fulfilled in the life and in the manifestation of my Wife, and for this one who I am preparing will be the anointing of the double portion; she, who is the object of My affections.

O, to the one who has been called to be as the virgin that follows the Lamb wherever He goeth, the Lord beseeches not to get tired of the Secret Place. Be willing to stay in the hidden place some more time. Accept to stay in the place of prayer with God alone. Accept to be a nobody for some more time. I am completing my work inside of you. I am sewing on your garments the jewels I extracted of the very depths and I am placing your foundations with clear colours, and I am beautifying your body and soul and spirit with a greater and fuller salvation, and the time for your veil to be withdrawn is coming near! The time in which the earth will recognize for whom you are, My Beloved; the beloved one of the Lord is coming. It will be promptly upon you, but be faithful in still waiting in the secret place before Me until the final touches are completed.

All who pretend your place with Me in My throne will be exposed and thrown down, and only you will sit with Me. I will raise you to rule and reign in the heavenly places with Me, so be patient until My coming, because very personally I will bring you to the place where I am. You are my beloved, and I will not fail in finishing the work I have begun in you, so that you can have the honour I have very specifically reserved for you as My Wife, the New Jerusalem, the Wife of the Lamb.

So sayeth the Lord.