Come Under Me!

Priscila Scalla - Barcelona - SPAIN

What I am going to tell happened the 8th of February, 2009, during the Sunday Service.

We all started to thank and praise God for what He is.

A precious freedom started to manifest —a freedom in Him—, to worship Him and to raise a banner.

His Presence descended; I could see chains falling from people that for a very long time had been bound or limited.

I really felt an immense joy in my heart because the Lord Jesus was giving us victory. I was so happy that I began to applaude with all my strength, because my Jesus deserved it. Only He deserves it. And because it was a day of victory for His People.

I couldn't stop clapping my hands. I felt the Lord Himself was with us; His very Person. Even if I would have wanted, I couldn't stop applauding. I remember I was very happy that He was with us.

Then everything went silent and the Lord began to speak.

I applauded and listened.

I heard His words very clearly, which were charged with so much love and firmness:

Do not fear!  Do not fear! I am with you. Do not fear!  Do not fear!

Prepare yourself; soldier, prepare yourself. I will give you the weapons for this time.

Do not fear!  Do not fear!

Because in the midst of the storm and in the midst of the night I will be with you.

Come under Me! I will cover you, I will surround you, with fire and nothing nor nobody will touch you.

Come under Me! Because there the water, the bread and the oil will not lack.

Come under Me! I will cover you and I will surround you.

And He repeated many times: Do not fear!

Come under, because there and only there will you be secure.

Do not fear! I will prepare your saddlebag for this time.

And He continued saying:

I am your God who brought you here for this time -and for this time have you been born!

Youngster!  Youngster!

Put yourself also under Me and I will surround you and I will cover you and you will be secure.

Don't take this lightly, BECAUSE IT IS TRUE.

Youngster, put yourself under Me, because there and only there will you be secure.

Husband! Husband!

Place yourself under Me and take the woman I gave you and your children, and place them there.

Do not fear, because I am with you. Do not fear; says the Lord.

That is what I heard.

And this is what I saw.

I saw the Lord Jesus; I saw Him with His arms extended and covering with them, and at the same time, surrounding us.

It was like when the people of Israel were surrounded during the night by Him, who covered everything and all around. It was like when a hen hides its chickens. I could see the edge of His wings near the floor and around. And the fire all around.

When He spoke about the water and the bread and the oil, I knew it was His "just measure", and that there it would not lack.

When He spoke to the young ones, He did it with great warning, and to all, when He said: Prepare!, He was very insistent.

We have to place ourselves there. UNDER HIM, in the midst of His Presence.

How good that it is the Lord who delivers us, who speaks to us, and who guides us.

TODAY He is calling us to come to the best place: Under His wings, under His covering.