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ARTICLES/ 9 pages
The Earthworm's Perspective of the Parable of the Sower.
Will we be accountable for having the Holy Spirit within us?
To glorify the Father is to show Him.
Can Christians be Full of the Holy Spirit?
Holy Supper, what it is and how to partake of it.
Holy people. The Apostles called them saints. Did they miss the point?
Holy people. What is holiness? Is it just a religious term? Is it only about good and evil?
Holy people. God insists in having them and supplies a second covenant. Now we can be holy.
Holy people. Through Jesus' blood and sacrifice we are made saints. What does this mean?.
Never Walk Alone.Jesus Christ is the giver of real freedom.
The Circle. We who are made in the image and likeness of God, are created to be a vessel, a container of Christ.
The Bride, object of Jesus' affections on earth, will be identified by its entering with no hindrance and without efforts into HIS Presence.
Christmas - Pagan origins of this widely practiced custom.
Disillusionment - Is it emotions or work of the Holy Spirit?
Come Under Me! - Jesus is urging His People to find covering in His Presence.
God is a Mathematician! - Scientifically seen, no man could have forged the Bible.
The Question That Changed My Life. A confrontation with the truth of our hearts.
VIDEO/ 3 pages
Sermon by Angel Tarnowski, "The Parable of the Sower", (as shown by the National Television of Uganda).
Sermon by Angel Tarnowski, "What is Christianity all About?"
Sunday Service Worship at one of the Christian Churches in Kampala, Uganda.
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